Health insurance attention

The main health insurance we are working with are

Low Vision Specialist

We take care of the health of your eyes

We are interested in taking care of your eyes health. For that reason, we hire technician specialized in low vision.

But… What is their function?

They are professionals who have acquired a great specialization to take the best advantage from the residual vision of the patient.

They achieve it working with different systems and optical tools like microscopies and telescopies, glasses with high addition, prisms, electronic systems and filters.

We want you to get a great attention!

We are Varilux Specialist

We are selected by Varilux as the most recognized in the market

Varilux selects us as one of the most recognized optical shops of the market. We stand out because of our products and customer service. That is the reason why Varilux suggests us as “Varilux specialist”

Make sure to be attended by Varilux Specialist. Choose Óptica Popular!.

Varilux Visioffice

We have the Varilux official equipment

We have the last generation technology to your eyes health. We have the multifocal Varilux Visioffice measuring device.

How it works Varilux Visioffice?

This machine makes possible to get your eyecode, the only code of the eye, which allows the progressive lens more personalized of the market.

The eyecode obtained by Varilux Visioffice is personal for each one, like the fingerprint, and it allows to increase the performance of the single-glazed windows to high graduations.

With Varilux Essilor Visioffice is possible to get specific information to offer personalized products. On this way, our clients will gain peripheral vision, brilliance and contrast.

We want you to get a great attention!